2017-04-06 | Mik Musik Showcase

MIK MUSIK showcase / very past and very present.
Noise, techno, counterculture, modular, electronika, experimental, dance.

Bartek Kujawski

Iron Noir

John Lake
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Ssnurssla & Sun Drugs AVA kolektiv


BARTEK KUJAWSKI aka 8rolek (born 1978), Poland. Since his first record „Ptak Mechaniczny“ (Mechanical Bird) is one of the key-figures in polish new electronic music. Thru years he was evolving from post-autechrian „subtle shifts of synchronic and asynchronic rhythm layers“, via many techno-oriented variations, touching even mutant-electro to his complete own vision of electronic music. Under his real name he is releasing more „experimental“ stuff (recently „Szczupak“ book and CD on BDTA/Mik Musik), looking for unusual approaches and answers what music in general could be in present times, where it crosses in pop and culture. Despite serious intellectual content it is always amusing, funny and very very often just directly danceable. Bartek is great DJ too. 8rolek is one of the most fundamental and original projects of Mik Musik, with such classics as album „9ziewiata gratis“, „Umpomat“ and more. He played on many festivals across Europe, like Wien Modern, Unsound, CTM, Garage and much more.
Also one of the funding members of HDWJazz notorious band, now sadly defunct.

IRON NOIR – duo of Wojciech Kucharczyk and Łukasz Dziedzic.
Posthouse, postdark i yes wave and other stories. Improvised dance music, electronic instruments, but acoustic ones may happen, even real voice sometimes. Eclectic.
Inspired by all bizzare and unusual discoveries, black and white moods, abrasive, friction, minimal, maximal.
Rhythms, spheres, voids, clouds, whirls, noises.

JOHN LAKE is an eclectronic project drew up by Łukasz Dziedzic – a musician, visual artist and curator of the Szara art gallery. Along with Wojciech Kucharczyk, he has formed a duo – IRON NOIR. He releases his albums on Mik Music and BDTA music labels. He performed at Supermarket Art Fair in Stockholm, Ars Cameralis and Tauron Nowa Muzyka festivals in Katowice, Strefa Monotype in Warsaw, Cracow Unsound Festival, Sonic Phenomena in Lublin and Art Meetings festival in Kiev.
Tunes played by John Lake are full of marshy and stifling synth mash, furrowed by trance droning rhythm, creating an atmosphere of menace, darkness and secrecy.
He is interested in sonic and trance-inducing properties of sound and rhythm, frequently in relation to popular culture, religion or paranormal phenomena, which people use in an attempt to understand the world around them.

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