2019-04-04 | BASTL klubovna #3 /// Nonhorse (US), Casper Electronics (US)

It’s been a month since we met in Klubovna last time. The concerts of Mikoo and Šimanský & Niesner were both rather delightful affairs as well as AVA kolektiv‘s mind-melting hosting of IQ+1 and Jonáš Gruska that perceded a few days before.

This time come join us at Bastl Instruments for an evening of friendly noise, pulsing voids and tasty snacks with long time mind mixers (Bastl’s own) casper electronics and Brooklyn noise giant Nonhorse!

≈ free entry
≈ beer & non-alco bar

Listen: https://soundcloud.com/nonhorse/hatha-spice-with-general-body-ii
G Lucas Crane is a sound artist, performer, and musician whose work focuses on information anxiety, media confusion, and new performance techniques for obsolete technology.
In New York City he has haunted/performed at The Stone, Museum of Art and Design, Pioneer Works, Roulette, Issue Project Room and the Brooklyn Museum. He was a 2011 LMCC Swing Space Resident Artist and received the NYSCA Individual Artist Commission for sound design for the theater piece This Was The End, for which he received a Henry Hewes Award and a Bessie nomination.
He has lent his unique sonic approach to music ensembles Woods, Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice, Ogg Myst, Fox Crane Bear, and his solo project Nonhorse. He is a co-founder of the Silent Barn, an experimental art and performance space in Bushwick, Brooklyn.
http://nonhorse.com/HELIOCENTRIC%20WORLDS.html (Klangundkrach)

Listen: https://soundcloud.com/casperelectronics
Casper Electronics is the live act of Peter Edwards, collaborator and synth designer from Bastl Instruments.
He combines his experience in inclusive practices like teaching, interaction design and performance art with a love for electronics to create performances that are intentionally inviting as well as challenging in their sonic breadth and physical impact.
His live sets are built on droning waves of feedback, distorted and pierced by rusty industrial beats, fading from noise to dance and back again. At the centre of his set is a reactive light orb acting as a galvanising faux bonfire in a modern party ritual.


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