2019-10-11 | Bordel w/ Imperial Black Unit

Bordel & Kabinet Múz

IMPERIAL BLACK UNIT (FRA/aufnahmaufnahme + wiedergabe)
is an EBM/Industrial techno duo formed by Lapse of Reason and Templer in 2017. Their sound is characterized by a blend of early EBM/Industrial vibes with today’s sensibilities. By using an anti-establishment attitude and militaristic esthetic on top of hard rhythms, screams and sharp synths, they create an intense fusion of the past and the present.

LIGHTNING GLOVE (Tesla tapes/ Nona rec)
is a Prague based electronic project. Their music is explicitly eclectic in terms of sources of inspiration which include today’s remains of the rave culture, industrial and post-punk.

(unfortunately due to my other activities I did not make it on time to see Prison Religion :/)

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