2023-03-19 | Sunday Service x AVA w/ Black Zone Myth Chant + Altbau

Daylight & Sunday Service are cautiously returning back to Vitamin! We’re teaming up with AVA on March 19th for an afternoon/early evening session with live sets from the psychedelic clubbing legend Black Zone Myth Chant and minimalism wizard Altbau.

The Sunday setting and setup will be provided by DJ sets from AVA regulars Ssnurssla, Tatratank & Ana Mi.

Music starts at 16:00, end by ten. Automat open all day.

🛶 Black Zone Myth Chant 🛶 (ex-High Wolf, Shelter Press, Editions Gravats, Winged Sun Records)

🛶 Altbau 🛶 (Stoned to Death)

🛶 Ana Mi 🛶 (éter, AVA)

🛶 Ssnurssla 🛶 (AVA)

🛶 Tatratank 🛶 (AVA)

(automat opens at 10:00)
(music starts at 16:00)

Black Zone Myth Chant

Maxime Primault is a French musician, born in 1983. He has generated many projects over the years, including Black Zone Myth Chant (or BZMC), originally described as “Sun Ra meets Dj Screw”, or High Wolf.

Experimenting with music since his late teenage years, Maxime’s international career really took off under the alias High Wolf, in 2008, born together with his Winged Sun records DIY label. High Wolf’s music consists of a mix of psychedelic music, ambient electronics and ethnic ritual influences.

Despite being rather busy with this project, Maxime kept inventing new musical identities with side projects. Black Zone Myth Chant self-released first album « Straight Cassette » came out on tape in the end of 2011. Over a few years of collaboration, the partnership with Edition Gravat spawned numerous BZMC releases, such as “Mane Thecel and Phares” (2015) or “Feng Sheng” (2017), as well as multiples tours and clubs events. The original BZMC sound also slightly shifted shape, to turn into a singular synthesis of electronic experimentations, syncopated grooves, dubby basslines, hypnotic vocals and industrial sounds.

BZMC is back in 2022 with the IN D EV IL EP, coming out as a 12’ vinyl EP on Winged Sun’s new division, WS-PRO, using new tools, improved production techniques, and focusing on a bass music aesthetic. As elegantly described in the press release, IN D EV IL is “Masterfully disorienting, flickering with FX, drops, and narcotic murmuring, at the threshold of dissociative and dubstep”.


Altbau is a moniker of Angel Dodov, long time member of cult black metal band Smuteční slavnost, he is currently engaged on bass duties in kraut rock band Raw Deal, post-punk evangelists Autor or goblin dungeon psych Ginger Wizard. “Všechno je úplně jiné” is a long overdue debut mini album for Stoned to Death.

His debut recording is as widely spreaded across ponds of genres as his rocker career is, wandering on the paths of repetitive minimalism, venturing into hypnagogic blizzards or drifting on the clouds of post industrial with his old pal Dominik Pilnáček and entering the lands of Jimmy Smack. “Všechno je úplně jiné” offers full 28 minutes of thrilling listeners experience, i dare you to enter the zone now and press play.

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