2023-05-16 | TERĒN

Terén a SVITAVA – transmedia art lab uvádí tři zvukové performance.

SVITAVA: Trash Periferie

Transplanted scene where pulses of sound are embedded in materials, causing the image to resonate and vibrate off the projection screen. Light acting as a trigger activates perhaps even the lyrics of synthesizers. The objects were provided by a post-industrial site that right now teeters between a useful dumping ground for companies, a home for plants and animals, and a dusty concrete reservation. While the vague terrain is being abandoned by crane drivers, the artists are arriving…

www.svitava.org | Tomáš Vtípil, Jiří Suchánek, Karolina Raimund, Matúš Stenko

Maria Komarova: Krɑjïnɑ V

Some say, there are no places bet­ter than home. Others hope there are lands that were prom­ised or places exist­ing as gaps out of timespace, with­in the realms of the ordin­ary world. We may fall into them and find ourselves on a bound­ary between two nowheres, like on a coast without water and land lost among debris from both sides. There, things become forces and sounds become tales. There, arte­facts dance with land­forms and offer hints without mak­ing riddles. How do you feel about a waltz with a burnt piece of rock or a gentle hug with a bottleneck?


Yann Leguay: 7 haikus for a turntable

When listening to a record, I often wonder if it’s really the turntable that spins the record on its axis, or if finally, the disc doesn’t move and it is the whole earth which is in rotation below? Between an active installation and a sound performance, the series of haikus for a turntable unfold in 7 acts is a circumstantial and ephemeral experiment on the edge of the absurd and around the vinyl record. Fundamental questions turn and spin on our relation between the whole universe and this object.


Proudly Using: AAPL