2023-05-27 | Alley Catss | Emcsi | Prell | Michal Mitro


Alley Catss (live)
Emcsi (live)
Prell (live)
Michal Mitro (installation)

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Alley Catss is the main project of Máté Elod Janky, a Budapest-based borderline musician and visual artist. His work is characterized by the observation of digital textures and motifs and the reinterpretation of their environmental and spatial qualities. Running Daddypower Records, an independent label dedicated to experimental arts. https://alleycatss.bandcamp.com/music


Emcsi is a sound artist and producer. Her compositions are rooted in deep personal experiences. She collects and processes field recordings and materials from various sources, including electroacoustic samples. She creates unique and layered textures which build a suggestive and infinite soundscape. Currently studying at the University of Pécs, BA in Electronic Music and Media Arts, she is a host at Lahmacun Radio and a member of ASS Budapest audiovisual workshop. https://exiles-electronics.bandcamp.com/album/janus


Prell is the electroacoustic drone moniker of Péter Márton aka TELEϟPORT renowned for his DIY modular sounds. He wrote the score of the critically acclaimed theater play “Megfigyelők”, shared stage with Pan Sonic, he is the co-founder of Davoria sound system, used to hold workshops in the Electronic Music and Media Arts department at The University of Pécs. He continuously writes an unfinished piece for mechanical piano. https://soundcloud.com/exiles-electronics/prell-live


Michal Mitro is an artist and a researcher working across the field of disciplines and media. Trained in Psychology and Sociology, he focuses on the nuances of everyday life as well as hyperobjects of planetary scale. In his artistic practice, he translates his sociological imagination into crafted sculptural environments with elements of sound, light or electricity. Themes that he gravitates towards explore relationships between human and more-than-human worlds, and the supposed friction between natural and artificial. Mitro proposes narratives both affirming and disturbing in order to shape viable futures one may like to inhabit. https://www.michalmitro.com/category/works/


In 1927, the church bought a sloping plot in a town park in Botanická Street, a site previously occupied by a cemetery. The church also opened an architectural competition and chose the design presented by Jan Víšek. The design feature a considerable simplicity of shape and purity of expression and capture not only the principles of functionalism, but also the fundamental attitude of the Hussite Church advocating respect for the truth of science: “What is true, is also good (the ethical dimension); what is true, is also beautiful (the esthetic dimension).” Víšek’s first versions did not include the tower, which was added later upon the client’s request. The structure makes use of the sloping terrain so that the main entrance yard is accessible via a staircase and the entrance to the ceremonial hall above the street level is situated on the side. The main front is entirely smooth and decorated only by the chalice above the plain portal leading to the divine service hall with a raised presbytery on the other side. The hall provides access to other rooms as well as to the tower added asymmetrically to the street facade. It is possible to enter the basement vestibule and the adjoining social hall from the street; the vestibule features four columns of the ferro-concrete skeleton and the hall is situated underneath the divine service hall and the presbytery. Initially, the hall also had a stage, orchestra pit and backstage; the vestibule housed a cloak room situated just opposite the entrance, a snack bar on the left and a box office on the right of the entrance. At present, a restaurant and a pool hall are situated in these basement areas. https://www.bam.brno.cz/…/c240-hussite-church-building


PAIKKA is a group of creators, with aims of creating opportunities for experimentation, collaboration, and alternative learning in the field of art, science, and technology. https://facebook.com/paikka.ga


Exiles Electronics (EXILES) is a Budapest-based independent record label focusing on a diverse roster of local (Hungarian) and Central and Eastern European generations of experimental music artists since 2016. https://exiles-electronics.bandcamp.com

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