2016-01-31, PRAHA | Itch My HaHaHa: Pablo Sanz (ES) - workshop, s(o)unday mixtapes, Immersive (live)

Pablo Sanz je španělský zvukový umělec, publicista a lektor. Ve své tvorbě se věnuje především terénním nahrávkám, konkrétně zkoumání estetických a prostorových kvalit nahraných zvuků. Při své návštěvě v PRAHA / Fórum pro architekturu a média provede posluchače způsobem svého uvažování o kompozici a postprodukci nebo představí imerzivní koncert s čtyřkanálovým zvukem v úplné tmě.

IMHHH Pablo Sanz footage @ YouTube

16.00 ► Workshop: Composing with field recordings
Pablo Sanz will cover some approaches to the use of environmental sound in composition. He will introduce his own works and focus on particular aspects of the creative process ranging from recording equipment and field strategies to the treatment and post-production of sound materials (i.e. editing, processing, spatialisation, etc). The structure and contents are flexible and will be adapted to the interests and topics brought to the workshop by the participants.

Workshop will be presented in English. Limited capacity, please register at email imhhhoffprogram@gmail.com. Subject: PABLO SANZ WORKSHOP.

18.00 ► S(o)unday mixtapes listening event
In this one hour programme Pablo will introduce a selection of favourite pieces which influenced his own listening and creative practice. Mainly field recording based but we can expect anything.

20.30 ► Immersive live concert
Pablo´s activities are engaged with the exploration of aesthetic and spatial aspects of sonic perception. He works primarily with environmental sound as raw material, using extended listening technologies, architectural physical space and spatial audio strategies. In his live concerts he always aims to create an immersive and focused listening experience for the audience. In PRAHA you can expect a multichannel quadrophonic setup surrounding the listeners in full dark.