2017-04-07 | Hudba PRAHA / Zs

Zs (US / Northern Spy / The Social Registry)
Sam Hillmer (tenor sax, http://www.samhillmerprojects.com/)
Patrick Higgins (guitar, electronics, http://www.patrickhigginsmusic.com/)
Greg Fox (percussion, http://gregfox.space/)

Vritti (SK / Atrakt Art)
Slavo Krekovič
Peter Kerekeš

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2017-01-31 | Hudba PRAHA - E

E (US/Thrill Jockey)
The trio of Boston indie-elite E, featuring Thalia Zedek (Come), Gavin McCarthy (Karate), and Jason Sanford (Neptune) have unleashead another relentlessly incendiary track “Candidate,” one week ahead of their debut self-titled album release. “Candidate” features McCarthy’s scathing lyrical critique the current American political climate, and the band’s signature high-energy rhythm section.

E (live) @ Hudba PRAHA / 2017-01-31

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2016-12-12 | Hudba PRAHA / Balázs Pándi + KK NULL, Funeral Band

FUNERAL BAND @ PRAHA (Brno) 2016-12-12 (vimeo)
KK NULL & BALAZS PANDI @ PRAHA (Brno) 2016-12-12 (vimeo)

KK NULL aka KAZUYUKI KISHINO, was born in Tokyo, Japan. Composer, guitarist, singer, mastermind of ZENI GEVA. One of the top names in Japanese noise music and in a larger context, one of the great cult artists in experimental music since the early 80’s.

Balázs Pándi is a Hungarian drummer. He has worked and toured with various acts from all around the world including Keiji Haino, Venetian Snares, Otto von Schirach, Last Step, To live and Shave in LA, The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble and Zu. He also played drums for the Blood of Heroes project. Since 2009 he has frequently played drums live with Merzbow and they have released three live records together.

After touring together in Europe and Japan throughout 2014 and 2015, in November 2016 Ohm Resistance will release a new collaborative album.

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Funeral Band (SK/HU)
Miroslav Tóth – saxofon
Ádam Móser – akordeon
Áron Portoleki – bicí

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2016-07-25| Hudba PRAHA - Talibam! (US), Mutanti hledaj východisko (CZ)

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2016-06-30 | Hudba PRAHA > Skeleton$ (US)

SKELETON$ (US, Ghostly Tomlab, Crammed Discs)

Kultovní newyorský kolektiv pod vedením skladatelů Matta Mehlana a Jasona McMahona poprvné v Brně a s novým albem “Am I Home?”, které vyšlo v dubnu na Altin Village&Mine.


“Skeletons is a musical personality. When you think of people you know who are like Nelson Mandela, Elvis Presley, Mahatma Ghandi, and John Lennon, think of Skeletons. Like Sun Ra, James Brown, and Fela Kuti before them, they often change their name from album to album for tax purposes. What hasn’t changed in the seven years since Skeletons’ creation is the creative capacity of founder Matt Mehlan, struggling songwriter, lyricist, performer and director. Skeletons released music with Tomlab, Ghostly and Crammed Disc, their upcoming Album will be out with Altin Village&Mine (Chad van Gaalen / Xiu Xiu / Japanther / …) in April 2016, the Album features Grex Fox (Liturgy / Guardian Alien / ZS) on drums, Justin Frye (PC Worship / Gary War) on Bass and many other names and is a unique listening experience.”

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2016-06-19 | Hudba PRAHA > Asuna (JP), Gurun Gurun (CZ)

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2016-06-14 | Hudba PRAHA > Autoknack (FR), ENSync (IT/FR), Klaus Legal (FR)

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