2022-09-30 | BATCH X HAZED: Luca Lozano (UK) & Moodrich (DE)

Artbar v novém hávu a jubilejní desátý Hazed v rámci Batch Festivalu přivítá rozjezd klubové sezóny se suveréně nejnadupanějším linupem vůbec. Speciální příležitost si totiž žádá speciální hosty. Těšte se na setkání britské legendy a berlínské mladé krve na jednom stagi.


⬤ Klasse Wrecks ⬤ Manchester ⬤ UK 〇 https://soundcloud.com/lucalozano
Britský DJ a producent, bossman labelu Klasse Wrecks, rezident respektovaného londýnského rádia Rinse FM, grafický designer s nezaměnitelným rukopisem a writer čerpající ze sedmdesátkových kořenů graffiti. Ve svých tracích zvedá mohutně odkaz devadesátkové rave kultury, milujíc stejnou měrou acid house, techno i breaks. Na svém kontě má 4 alba a nespočet releasů na značkách jako Unknown to the Unknown, 100% Silk nebo Hypercolour, kde roku 2015 vydal hymnu všech raverů — Calling All Dancers!


⬤ Emotional Voyage ⬤ Berlin ⬤ DE 〇 https://soundcloud.com/…/juicy-selekta-w-moodrich…

Čerstvá berlínská undergroundová bríza, šéf labelu Emotional Voyage a eklektický producentský talent z ranku ghetto—electro—techno—breaks vydávající svůj materiál na labelech jako skotský Clan Destine Records, ukrajinský Kiew Centraal nebo brazilský Yellow Island. Moodrich představí v české premiéře chytrou vizi, kde se neomylně s vtipem a nenuceností potkává to nejzajímavější z podzemí aktuálního klubového zvuku.


⬤ Footclan ⬤ WorkOut ⬤ Meanbucket ⬤ Praha 〇 https://soundcloud.com/tucodj

Britský klubový světoběžník aktivní od konce 90. let, kdy na stagi supportoval jména jako Wu Tang, DJ Krush, Diplo nebo DJ Shadow. Bossman labelu Meanbucket, neúnavný průkopník minoritních urban žánrů, kurátor WorkOut shows na Radiu 1 a polovina producentského dua Footclan, jejichž electro meets ghetto—tech bangery jsou v současnosti špicí české elektronické produkce zaručeně demolující každý taneční parket.


⬤ Oneiro B2B Hotdogg B2B Leafur ⬤ Threads ⬤ Brno 〇 https://hearthis.at/haze-boys/

Osvědčenou dvojici partystarterů Oneiro & Hotdogg doplní nový člen Haze crew — young gun Leafur — DJ a producent, který v Ostravě svými nekompromisními electro—techno—breaks sety nakopává k životu celou novou scénu.

Another big dream in progress!

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2022-04-08 | HAZED

HAZED: Dzc. (AT) ✦ Alyaz ✦ The And (SK)

2022. Hazed is back. Fresh sap in the air. House with giant overlaps, new names behind the mix, atmo, fog and rave like there’s no tomorrow. This time with representatives of the current Viennese electronic scene.

DZC. ✦ Acid Lambada ✦ Fortunea ✦ Vienna Underground Traxx ✦ Vienna ✦ AT
㋡ https://soundcloud.com/2dzc
Ivana is a photographer, DJ, producer, musical detailer and member of the Vienna-based collective Acid Lambada. In 2019 she joined the La Boum de Luxe crew on FM4 radio and anyone who was an electronic music lover at the turn of the millennium knows how much this show was an essential source of inspiration and insight into what was happening in the scene. But back to our talented anima. Her productions are the epitome of pure love for 90s club culture, which is anyway reflected in their selections, where house, hypnotic trance, oldschool techno and broken beats are harmoniously subliming into one another.

ALYAZ aka SELF ✦ Sapyens Records ✦ Prague
㋡ https://soundcloud.com/dj_alyaz
Founder of the Sapyens Records label, also a former member of the Bigg Boss family. His label has released over fifteen releases and boasts a regular residency on England’s 10Twenty Radio. He has been DJing for over 15 years and also produces under the moniker “Self”.

THE AND ✦ Red Sofa ✦ Bratislava ✦ SK
㋡ https://soundcloud.com/the_and
We remember the moment when DJ PDCH came to us and said he played in Bratislava with a local dude who musically shredded him beyond belief. Precise vinyl selection, acid lines, moody house, electro and dutty breakz. Well, even we had to give him the benefit of the doubt that this is just a natural born boy wonder. Thus Andrej became one of the first guests we invited to our Lake Shore Dive radio session. In April, this Slovak ace will make his Czech premiere in Artbar.

HAZE BOYS ✦ Threads ✦ HAZE ✦ Brno
㋡ https://hearthis.at/haze-boys/
Your favorite knob reachers. Hotdogg will start the night with a gentle frolic, Oneiro will end it with a stern bedlam. Oi oi! ( ̄▽ ̄)/

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2021-10-15 | HAZED

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2020-02-14 | Hazed X Loose Lips w/ Posthuman [UK]

HAZED X Loose Lips Showcase! Unusual foreign and local names behind the mix, excellent sound, minimalist but functional light design and fog. Lots of fog! This time with absolute legend of acid house and London and Bristol representatives of Loose Lips musical collective.

* POSTHUMAN * I Love Acid * Glasgow * UK
Posthuman aka Joshu Doherty – One of the veterans on the UK club scene and master of raw acid house and moody slomo techno. His first release happened almost twenty years ago on the legendary IDM label SKAM. After 2000 played parties in the canceled London Underground station together with Aphex Twin, Ceephax Acid Crew or representatives of labels Warp and Rephlex. In 2007, together with Luke Vibert, he founded a night focused primarily on acid with an absolutely “unexpected” name I Love Acid, which was announced last year by DJ Magazine as Best Club Event. In 2010, vinyl only label Balkan Vinyl emerged with releases from Jerome Hill, Cardopusher, Neville Watson or Mark Archer from Altern8. In 2018, a posthuman album Mutant City Acid is released, inspired by the aesthetics of computer games at the turn of the eighties and nineties, cyberpunk and the beauty of exoplanets. The record is a fly through an always rainy futuristic megapolis with all its fuzzy neon lights and metal constructs of monstrous skyscrapers hidden in the fog, animated with hovercrafts, cybernetic organisms and wildly coexisting human life. On this record we hear acid at its best, a sound strongly connected to the original roots with many important overlaps, perfectly viable and established for the second decade of the 21st century. Posthuman currently releases his musical visions and releases on such labels as X-Kalay, Tusk Wax, Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, B12, Chiwax, Shipwrec and Craigie Knowes.

* MEDALLION MAN * Loose Lips * London * UK
Medallion Man is the co-founder and driving force behind the respected island brand Loose Lips, an ambitious musical platform operating since 2014, bringing together DJs, producers, promotional activities, label, mix series and radio programs. In addition, Medallion Man is the man behind Threads Radio, a 20/20 Vision Recordings label with releases by musicians such as Carl Finlow, Versalife, Reedale Rise or Walter Ego, and now also techno vinyl only label Reposition. His own DJing eclectically crosses all boundaries and travels in style between house, techno, electro, acid and UK bass music.

* PHYSIK * Loose Lips * Bristol * UK
The secret Loose Lips clan’s Bristol connection. A versatile house / deep techno producer and DJ who can take the crowd on a solid journey to the center of distant nebulae.

* HAZE BOYS * Oneiro & Hotdogg * Brno
ヾ (* ⌒∇⌒) 八 (⌒∇⌒ *) ツ

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