2020-02-21 | Lab Subject #2

Best Before End / naivní breakcore

Levi (HERNA) / postapo techno

Prozac / live modular raw techno

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2020-02-14 | Hazed X Loose Lips w/ Posthuman [UK]

HAZED X Loose Lips Showcase! Unusual foreign and local names behind the mix, excellent sound, minimalist but functional light design and fog. Lots of fog! This time with absolute legend of acid house and London and Bristol representatives of Loose Lips musical collective.

* POSTHUMAN * I Love Acid * Glasgow * UK
Posthuman aka Joshu Doherty – One of the veterans on the UK club scene and master of raw acid house and moody slomo techno. His first release happened almost twenty years ago on the legendary IDM label SKAM. After 2000 played parties in the canceled London Underground station together with Aphex Twin, Ceephax Acid Crew or representatives of labels Warp and Rephlex. In 2007, together with Luke Vibert, he founded a night focused primarily on acid with an absolutely “unexpected” name I Love Acid, which was announced last year by DJ Magazine as Best Club Event. In 2010, vinyl only label Balkan Vinyl emerged with releases from Jerome Hill, Cardopusher, Neville Watson or Mark Archer from Altern8. In 2018, a posthuman album Mutant City Acid is released, inspired by the aesthetics of computer games at the turn of the eighties and nineties, cyberpunk and the beauty of exoplanets. The record is a fly through an always rainy futuristic megapolis with all its fuzzy neon lights and metal constructs of monstrous skyscrapers hidden in the fog, animated with hovercrafts, cybernetic organisms and wildly coexisting human life. On this record we hear acid at its best, a sound strongly connected to the original roots with many important overlaps, perfectly viable and established for the second decade of the 21st century. Posthuman currently releases his musical visions and releases on such labels as X-Kalay, Tusk Wax, Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, B12, Chiwax, Shipwrec and Craigie Knowes.

* MEDALLION MAN * Loose Lips * London * UK
Medallion Man is the co-founder and driving force behind the respected island brand Loose Lips, an ambitious musical platform operating since 2014, bringing together DJs, producers, promotional activities, label, mix series and radio programs. In addition, Medallion Man is the man behind Threads Radio, a 20/20 Vision Recordings label with releases by musicians such as Carl Finlow, Versalife, Reedale Rise or Walter Ego, and now also techno vinyl only label Reposition. His own DJing eclectically crosses all boundaries and travels in style between house, techno, electro, acid and UK bass music.

* PHYSIK * Loose Lips * Bristol * UK
The secret Loose Lips clan’s Bristol connection. A versatile house / deep techno producer and DJ who can take the crowd on a solid journey to the center of distant nebulae.

* HAZE BOYS * Oneiro & Hotdogg * Brno
ヾ (* ⌒∇⌒) 八 (⌒∇⌒ *) ツ

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2020-01-31 | Smeták Night #10 | Kontrolla, Funkshmakers

10. ročník smetákovské kalby, letos s kapelama KONTROLLA a Funkshmakers. Carpet Cabinet pro nemoc nakonec nemohli :(

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2019-11-01 | Éternal w/ Misonica

Klubovou sezónu odstartujeme novým konceptem večírků s názvem Éternal. Prvním hostem bude víla alternativní vídeňské scény – Misonica.

Misonica citlivě propojuje taneční elektroniku s prvky tribalu a industriálními rytmy, čímž vzniká kosmicky psychedelické techno s nádechem post-punku. Její mnohovrstevnaté sety jsou vždy okořeněné experimentálními zvuky. Kromě samotného hraní se Misonica věnuje pravidelnému pořadu Imbroglio v bristolském Noods Radiu, je rezidentkou oblíbených nocí NNNN a tvoří součást feministického projektu Femdex, sdružující DJky a producentky z celého světa, které se vymykají zažitým klišé a zasluhují pozornost.

Všesmyslový rituální zážitek sjednotí ÉTER kolektiv ve složení Kosmic Skaut, Miltz, Obraz a Prozac. Kapacita omezena.

MISONICA | soundcloud.com/misonica | noodsradio.com/residents/imbroglio

KOSMIC SKAUT | soundcloud.com/kosmic_skaut

MILTZ & OBRAZ | soundcloud.com/anamiltz | soundcloud.com/obraz

PROZAC (live) | soundcloud.com/p-r-o-z-a-c

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2019-04-13 | Artbar

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2019-01-18 | Identify Yourself

random peek into the party (videos inside)

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2018-11-23 | ArtBar: Funkshmakers

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